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The "I", the interior world, Nakedness.

Shame and Modesty are the natural sentiments that protects the intimate of man. The sense of shame gives rise to the concept of privacy. A man (or woman) without shame, lacks privacy. Modesty for him or her is for people of ancient times. I wonder, when the calendar has become the standard for human's actions.
The natural tendency to protect one's intimate world from the gaze of strangers also includes the body. This is why a person wears clothes. Nakedness is not natural: It presupposes the rejection of privacy. Dressing serves to preserves the body within one's intimacy. Nakedness renders the body an object that is presented in anonymity.


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    Oct 6 2012: " not NATURAL" ?! Where in NATURE have you seen a human baby born with clothes?!!
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      Oct 11 2012: A human baby is not born with clothes, neither can you refer to such state as nakedness. Now, is the baby rational? The baby is a person in potency, that is why he is not guilty of many of his actions until he gets to age of reason. But, if we should keep all that a man is born with, why is umbilical cord cut?

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