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The "I", the interior world, Nakedness.

Shame and Modesty are the natural sentiments that protects the intimate of man. The sense of shame gives rise to the concept of privacy. A man (or woman) without shame, lacks privacy. Modesty for him or her is for people of ancient times. I wonder, when the calendar has become the standard for human's actions.
The natural tendency to protect one's intimate world from the gaze of strangers also includes the body. This is why a person wears clothes. Nakedness is not natural: It presupposes the rejection of privacy. Dressing serves to preserves the body within one's intimacy. Nakedness renders the body an object that is presented in anonymity.


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    Oct 6 2012: Mark, I am neither a social anthropolgist nor a religious scholar. I can take a shot at your question but would much prefer that you tell me what it is that you are seeking.
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      Oct 6 2012: Robert. I seek the truth.
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        Oct 6 2012: Great we all do .... Now once again what is the question that you are seeking the truth to.
        • Oct 11 2012: Yup. This is exactly why the mice commissioned Magratheans to build the earth: to discover the question. Too bad the Vogons destroyed the earth before the question could be discovered.
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        Oct 11 2012: Great so there is no question. Might as well close the conversation.

        I just thought of something its not yours

        Mark is this the answer you wanted , That there is no question? No truth?


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