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The "I", the interior world, Nakedness.

Shame and Modesty are the natural sentiments that protects the intimate of man. The sense of shame gives rise to the concept of privacy. A man (or woman) without shame, lacks privacy. Modesty for him or her is for people of ancient times. I wonder, when the calendar has become the standard for human's actions.
The natural tendency to protect one's intimate world from the gaze of strangers also includes the body. This is why a person wears clothes. Nakedness is not natural: It presupposes the rejection of privacy. Dressing serves to preserves the body within one's intimacy. Nakedness renders the body an object that is presented in anonymity.


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    Oct 5 2012: Nakedness was natural before Man sinned against his Creator God. You are correct that it is no longer natural. What exactly is your idea, Mr. Agatemor?
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      Oct 5 2012: Thank you Mr Edward. I still maintain the point, "Nakedness is not natural". Speaking of it, before the sin of Man - Adam, as the bible tells us in Genesis chapter three, I quote, "And God said, 'Who told you that you were naked". Analysis God's question, Who told you? What does that mean, Mr Edward.
      Again, in the verses seven of that same chapter, when they realized, (when man realized), they sewed fig leaves and made themselves aprons.
      Why do they have to do that, after all, it was just two of them in the Garden. And when God came to visit them, they were hiding, Why?
      If indeed, it is natural as you are pointing out, why did they have to cover it, even from each other?
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        Oct 6 2012: You are correct to say nakedness is unnatural. I was pointing-out that it was not always unnatural.
        God's question about who told them they were naked reveals the fact that they were not aware of their nakedness prior to that. Someone (the Serpent, aka Satan) made them feel shame and gave them a strong desire to cover-up what was had been pure and natural. The new feeling of shame, coupled with the knowledge that death accompanied their rebellion (chapter 2, verse 17), caused them to hide from God out of shame and fear.

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