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Should countries abolish the two party political system ?

The reasoning for my argument is that with a two party system political system, is that politics has become a battle for power or to maintain that power, rather than its initial purpose which is to represent the people, act as a voice for the people and do what is best for the people
I get the fact that people have different ideology but in all honesty all ideas basically result in that group of people having maximum gain, minimum loss.
in the end i just think that government should stop focusing on the balance for power but rather focus on what is best for the people.


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    Oct 5 2012: Its the voting process thats at fault, because it obligates a 2 party system to eventully happen
    as with each election, people leave consistently losing parties infavor of the next available that is the next closest to their political positions, eventually leading to a 2 party system on opposing sides of the spectrum
    (which both get paid to pass the exact same policies, making it a pseudo-2 party system like is seen in America).

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