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Does the world need Wikileaks and people like Julian Assange?

Does the world need Wikileaks and people Julian Assange? Or should we continue living in the reality created by media.


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    Oct 6 2012: I will approach this topic with this post in a different manner, for a different reason. There seems to be a misconception, usually made by the "general public", that by releasing all information to the public, wars and other "bad things" can be prevented. That simply is not true as long as there are THREE or more "players" playing a "game". Yes, it revolves around Game Theory. But is a fundamental understanding of recognized experts in disciplines like Military Doctrine, Economics (both private, business, and nation-state oriented), and other fields.

    I'll address this concept from the Military Doctrine perspective. In another conversation (topic thread0 taking place here on TED, I referenced this link so people could get a better understanding of why wars occur.


    Please read paragraph 3.5, "Multilateral Bargaining Failures". Note that on page 20, the following statement is made (and explained):

    "What is clear, however, is that with three or more countries the fact that there is complete information, divisible outcomes, and an enforceable bargaining technology does not preclude war."

    You may need to read the entire link to understand what it means, but here is a short description. When there are 3 or more "players" in a "game" (whether it be people or countries), even having COMPLETE INFORMATION...no secrets between anybody...does NOT guarantee a war will not happen. NO CORRUPTION needs to take place. Having "no secrets" can even INCREASE the probablility of a war starting. This same "truth" can apply to economic systems and numerous other disciplines where Human Nature...people making decisions...are involved.

    Despite Mr. Assange's "good intentions", his philosophy of releasing all information to everybody...especially the type of information he released...can actually INCREASE humanity's problems. I'm sorry, but Mr. Assange is quite mis-guided in his beliefs.

    Respectfully submitted.

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