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Does the world need Wikileaks and people like Julian Assange?

Does the world need Wikileaks and people Julian Assange? Or should we continue living in the reality created by media.


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  • Oct 5 2012: Two separate questions.

    Does the world need organizations and people LIKE wikileaks and Assange? Yes. There always need to be people brave enough to let the cat out of the bag. I, personally, do not agree with Assange's actions though, because he released the documents wholesale without any real thought to the people whose lives he endangered. There was ample material he could have released to highlight the issues of concern without further endangering our own soldiers and diplomats.

    It is possible to accomplish what Assange did without doing all that he did.

    Should we live in the reality created by the media? NO. There are two specific things that the US in particular MUST do to regain their credibility both internally and externally. The first is to rediversify the ownership of the media. Once upon a time it was illegal for all of the media to be concentrated in the hands of so few in order to prevent any one interest from capturing the airwaves. But, this has been allowed to happen on a global scale. It is MUCH worse than most people recognize. Second, the US has to restrengthen the FCCs existing rules about "truth" in news. In 2003 the law demanding that programs that were labeled as "News" had to tell the truth was overturned by the florida supreme court. They claimed that to dictate that a news network must tell the truth was to infringe on their corporate freedom of speech. The result has been devastating to our democratic function.

    Until they can do that people like Assange are necessary even when they make bad decisions.
    • Oct 5 2012: I agree your answer, the world definently needs people and organization like Julian Assange and Wikileaks. However I personally reckon his actions to release all the documents without "censorship" was necessary in this senario as if he did censor the names of the people, wouldn't he be the same as the US as he did not publish all the infomation. Wouldn't he have been a hypocrite? . Furthermore there is no actual proof that any harm was done to the people named in the information that he leaked

      You raise a really good point about media :) media now-a-days creates a "truth or reality" that overrides what is actually happening to the extent that the truth or what is real doesnt matter anymore.

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