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Does music ownership matter?

Music lovers used to take pride in their collection of records, but is mp3 ownership important when you can find the music you love ion YouTube or Spotify for free in just a few seconds?

  • Oct 7 2012: I would say music ownership in any media form gives the owner an opportunity to share favorites with friends. Similarly, if repeatedly hearing a song brings solace or pleasure, then there is some comfort in owning it and knowing you can get to it at any time your spirit needs a lift. With some forms of media, such as CDs and Records, you use to be able to look at pictures, read lyrics, get background information, and sort of immerse yourself in what the artist wanted you to see when listening to the music.

    The size of the collection, the variety of the collection, etc. is kind of dependent on the relative difference between the available resources of a collector and some the driving forces discussed above.
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    Oct 5 2012: I think it's taken the thrill of the chase out of it; I knew a guy in university who had an amazingly eclectic collection of R&B and Blues albums that he had accumulated through hundreds or thousands of hours browsing through record shops, pawn shops and yard/garage sales with his Dad. So, had he been able to accrue the same music while sitting in his basement scouring the internet, I doubt it would mean the same to him. I think the value of the collection was in the life experience he received in the pursuit of expanding his collection.
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    Oct 5 2012: If you're savvy enough you can use your browser to rip video audio and convert it to mp3 before you bring it down,a friend of mine showed me though i don't have a clue how he did it,it made me think that we may swap music like bacteria exchange genetic data or the fact that our music collections of old have no monetary value anymore just like aluminium once did.
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    Oct 5 2012: I still like to own it even if digital.
    I like to put it on any device I want, not to have to be connected to the internet, and not just licensing it.
    All this and also the strange pleasure of ownership.
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    Oct 5 2012: You can't make playlists from YouTube videos or Spotify. In any case, the type of person would have taken pride in a record collection in earlier times will still be passionate about sound quality, tagging, etc.
  • Oct 4 2012: There is something special to owning a papyrus scroll with Nile liner notes on it. Artists have to be morecreative to sell, but that's a good thing. Many songs can't be found so easily online (and if you do find it half the times it was removed or turns out to be some crappy mobile phone recorded live version) and you need an internet connection for that, so owning your own mp3s is still a good idea.