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Are you agree that the IT (telecom - technology as a whole) business should be regulated more in terms of resource wasting.

I just have in mind something that happened in this years with the big thing called Internet and how it evolved together with technology. Just think about how many resources were wasted to come to this point and evan now is evolving with a lot of wasting from the business part of it. What I mean is what goes in the market now in many countries is already a waste for others and this is only for profit. I am thinking of an international organization that regulates the business in technology market and is conducted by all the people in the world by voting the new products that can come to sale and that it should decide in unanimity from all world if the product is suitable for the market or not in terms of evolution of the product. So if i know it can be better for this moment in time i will propose an improve and do not vote to come in the market now but just when my need is fulfilled. Think about is so easy to be done now and a very very good way to deicide what is good for us all .......

  • Oct 10 2012: Why not all industries? The IT industry is not special in this regard.

    In the distant future, only sustainable practices will survive. When this simple truth is understood by businessmen, those who care about the long term will adopt sustainable practices. Let us teach our children well, because the current generation does not really care.
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    Oct 5 2012: ...just think that big companies on the market have a silent agreement for their profit so why we do not have also the entire world agreement on every product that come out.
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    Oct 5 2012: yes there will be also like now an economic competition but also the public agreement so is better like this becouse we know what we want and what we need and no more useless products on the market until we all agree they are useful and need them. Think about that we all pay them but first the Earth "lose" something.
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    Oct 5 2012: maybe you are right ,while what i want to say is maybe we should do something to regulate it ,
    have you forgrtten the 30s depression dont you know thw reason,
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    Oct 5 2012: Wastefulness and efficiency are among the things better solved through economics rather than regulation.