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Every body has a significant music taste and its the same as the food taste there is no tow persons typically have the same favorite music ... why?
I read once different type of music reflect the person character and thus music is the most topic that people talk about when they know each other recently.
My question how to classify people and build a profile for them depending on there favorite music type?

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    Mar 28 2011: I think music selection is a little more complex, for example I like to listen all types of music, but not always, sometimes I like more happy, sometimes more relaxing and so on. I think it's mostly depended on the mood of the person. I have create a website that explores exactly that mood music: http://www.ilovethismusic.com/.
  • Mar 23 2011: so true I love all music classic and hip hop to rap I really love gangster music for the beat, I dont like learic that promot racisom and beleave they can breed fear amongst thoughs who dont take the time to understand what they are actualy
    listening to.
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    Mar 23 2011: i think music taste is diffrent than food taste, becuase music can serve a purpose for a particular mood, it can be use as a tool for yourself to create a specific outcome. like, to create a desired mood. also i believe people choose paticular genre to enjoy over others to just help create identitiy for ourselves, as it seems we all are constantly searching for a self.
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      Mar 23 2011: yeah ..!
      i met people who answered that they listen to music according to there mood.
      Also i read that people who listen to Rock/Metal music can most of the times described by being ''renegade,stubborn'' on the other hand people who like Opera music are much educative.
      there is a connection between the music genre and the personality .. notice that when someone find someone else with common music taste how much they are pleased and rushing to have a relationship based on music with each other !
      but its still a puzzle what is the facts that you can get about a person by knowing his favorite music?