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Live Chat with TED Speaker Vicki Arroyo: Preparing for our changing climate

TED Speaker and executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center, Vicki Arroyo, will be joining us for a special one-hour live Q&A session with the TED community!

Since much of her research didn't make it into the final video, she'll be fielding questions on the science behind her inspiring talk, as well as further discussion about what we can do to prepare our homes and cities for the new climate.

Date: Friday, October 5th
Time: 12pm-1pm Eastern time


Closing Statement from TED Live Chats

From Vicki Arroyo:

Again, I would like to thank Aja and the TED staff for this opportunity and those who wrote in.
For more information and to see some of the tool kits I mentioned, please visit our adaptation clearinghouse at www.adaptationclearinghouse.org. I hope this conversation helps you elevate this discussion of preparedness in your own communities – wherever you call “home.”

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    Oct 5 2012: Hi again Vicki, I'm wondering if you could share any thoughts about what we could be doing to prepare our coastal airports. You mentioned this in your talk, but are there any real solutions for such massive infrastructure? Should we move the airports? Put runways on stilts?
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      Oct 5 2012: I like the runways on stilts idea - but it might be a bit scary to fly into one! Given the incredible economic value of airports, I do not doubt that we will find ways to protect or move some of that infrastructure.
      It will not be cheap or easy, but it's so central to trade, business, tourism, and more. The analysis will have to be site-specific to determine the best options over the long-term. And in the near-term, we should all be asking these questions as airports get renovated and expanded (as is happening now in New Orleans, ironically).

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