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Live Chat with TED Speaker Vicki Arroyo: Preparing for our changing climate

TED Speaker and executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center, Vicki Arroyo, will be joining us for a special one-hour live Q&A session with the TED community!

Since much of her research didn't make it into the final video, she'll be fielding questions on the science behind her inspiring talk, as well as further discussion about what we can do to prepare our homes and cities for the new climate.

Date: Friday, October 5th
Time: 12pm-1pm Eastern time


Closing Statement from TED Live Chats

From Vicki Arroyo:

Again, I would like to thank Aja and the TED staff for this opportunity and those who wrote in.
For more information and to see some of the tool kits I mentioned, please visit our adaptation clearinghouse at www.adaptationclearinghouse.org. I hope this conversation helps you elevate this discussion of preparedness in your own communities – wherever you call “home.”

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    Oct 5 2012: Yay i managed to wake up to ask one Q before the session finishes,Damn Nz time,Hi Vicki

    Would painting our roofs white help in reflecting heat? though it won't change the climate.I live in Nz and we've been experiencing a lot of high winds,they say it will become norm as the change progresses,one side of the country will become drier where is the other side will become wetter.
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      Oct 5 2012: Good morning then! Yes, in general, roofs and other surfaces (pavements, exterior walls) can be more reflective and could have a significant effect on urban heat island by increasing what's known as the "albedo effect" - more heat is reflected into space. This could be especially important given the loss of so much reflective sea ice due to warming.
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        Oct 5 2012: Some say that it's due to slight oscillations over long periods of time that we are headed into a fast warming stage except there is no past instance where an organism has helped the climate change like we are doing,some say that warming is good for crop cultivation in areas of high altitude.My city is bordered by two harbours,we're surrounded by water and yet to experience a major event like that of New Orleans,the day we see a hurricane on our doorstep is the day i mark as the world has changed,crossed fingers it doesn't happen.

        Oh Good morning just had the coffee fuel up and rearing to get typing for a windy Sat morning.

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