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Live Chat with TED Speaker Vicki Arroyo: Preparing for our changing climate

TED Speaker and executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center, Vicki Arroyo, will be joining us for a special one-hour live Q&A session with the TED community!

Since much of her research didn't make it into the final video, she'll be fielding questions on the science behind her inspiring talk, as well as further discussion about what we can do to prepare our homes and cities for the new climate.

Date: Friday, October 5th
Time: 12pm-1pm Eastern time


Closing Statement from TED Live Chats

From Vicki Arroyo:

Again, I would like to thank Aja and the TED staff for this opportunity and those who wrote in.
For more information and to see some of the tool kits I mentioned, please visit our adaptation clearinghouse at www.adaptationclearinghouse.org. I hope this conversation helps you elevate this discussion of preparedness in your own communities – wherever you call “home.”

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  • Oct 5 2012: Hi Vicki,

    Today, even with greater awareness and more methods and policies being employed in green energy and recycling, is it too little and too late to prevent what appears to be a global environmental nightmare from occurring in this century?
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      Oct 5 2012: Hi Mark- it's easy to be overwhelmed when you consider the rate and severity of the changes we are seeing - in our oceans (acidification), ecosystems, and even in our communities. We absolutely need to take steps that you mention to recycle and do what we can as individuals, but we need policymakers across the globe to step up in order to see the tremendous change in "business as usual" that we need.
      So we need to make this more of a priority and start calling it out. Where is this issue in the campaign season, for example? Why has it become difficult to utter the words "global warming" or "climate change" at a time when the impacts are mounting and the clock is running? We need to call on our government leaders to step up so we can avoide the worst nightmare scenarios. And in the meantime (and even then) we have to find ways to prepare and sometimes just muddle through it. As I've seen with my own family, it's not easy or painless. But we have to do what we can where we can. Thanks for the question and hang in there!

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