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Live Chat with TED Speaker Vicki Arroyo: Preparing for our changing climate

TED Speaker and executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center, Vicki Arroyo, will be joining us for a special one-hour live Q&A session with the TED community!

Since much of her research didn't make it into the final video, she'll be fielding questions on the science behind her inspiring talk, as well as further discussion about what we can do to prepare our homes and cities for the new climate.

Date: Friday, October 5th
Time: 12pm-1pm Eastern time


Closing Statement from TED Live Chats

From Vicki Arroyo:

Again, I would like to thank Aja and the TED staff for this opportunity and those who wrote in.
For more information and to see some of the tool kits I mentioned, please visit our adaptation clearinghouse at www.adaptationclearinghouse.org. I hope this conversation helps you elevate this discussion of preparedness in your own communities – wherever you call “home.”

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  • Oct 5 2012: “In your talk you mentioned green roofs being used in Chicago and DC, what other tools are available to reduce heat?”
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      Oct 5 2012: Sure - And for those wanting more information, our terrific colleague Sara Hoverter did a full "tool kit" report on this subject that's available on our "adaptation clearinghouse - www.adaptationclearinghouse.org"
      Things like planting trees, using reflective pavements and roofs as I mentioned in another reply, and creating more greenspace are important methods of reducing urban heat island impacts - they also have the benefit of creating more healty communities with better quality of life. Of course, the infrastructure is just a part of protecting people from heatwaves - emergency preparedness and outreach to the vulnerable neighborhoods is important. Some communities are doing "mapping" to learn which neighborhoods are expected to experience more heat impacts and direct resources and outreach accordingly. Thanks for your question.

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