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Lifelong learning: Learning for adults shouldn't happen in college or any other fascility.

What if, with the help of the internet, I could become more knowledged in something than people with a master degree in the same something? But I have no masters degree, thats why I cannot prove that I know the things I know.

How do I prove this? Go to a college for 2-4 years extra? No. I take a test.

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    Oct 4 2012: A facility isn't needed to acquire knowledge?

    There are two types of learning: Knowledge based and Skills based.

    Yes, maybe you could acquire your Knowledge based learning in your own home. But if you want to be a Brain Surgeon, where are you going to acquire those skills? Practicing brain surgery in your basement?

    I'm not trying to be "funny" about the above. Just want you to understand that many disciplines requiring Skills based knowledge must be taught in a facility and environment designed to achieve the learning. Skills based leqrning requires the practicing of those skills under the qualified supervision of "teachers" who already have those same skills. You can't learn them all by yourself.

    And even with Knowledge (only) based learning, I support the previous replies here that indicate human interaction can be an integral part of achieving successful learning in those cases, too.
  • Oct 4 2012: While having learned all the stuff and taking a test sounds all right. I do not think that the "shouldn't happen" follows. There is a high value in human interaction. I think that the massive numbers of students in a lecture is the worst possible format. But a much more interactive structure, people talking the issues, is the best possible way for learning.
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    Oct 4 2012: Suppose you took all the comment you create at places on the internet, like at TED, and ran them through a computer to determine your level of intelligence.
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    Oct 3 2012: One thing that is a reality of educational institutions but would be lacking in the online education mode is the administrative structure; academic community(we learn a lot by interacting with our fellow scholars); and the tested and trusted tradition of learning.

    I believe that both modes of learning should complement one another; and that it is better to have either of them than to be an illiterate.
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      Oct 4 2012: Online cannot, I think, compete with the academic community of first rate universities. Online courses can be a valuable supplement or a replacement in situations in which the university is not accessible or practical.
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    Oct 3 2012: Depending on your field and location, you may be able to sit for a competency exam.
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    Oct 3 2012: Home courses?