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"That's the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up. They forget. They don't remember what it's like to be twelve years old."

Remember when we were children, tiny little creatures with the world at our fingertips? Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” The world is still there. We just need to reach for it.

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    Oct 5 2012: We need to continue to appreciate the seemingly simple things of life. Like friendship, family, dreams and games (without the obsessive focus on winning, unless you are an athlete).
    We had big dreams as children. We believed that good things are possible. Then later in life numerous obstacles to our dreams discourages us; and some do give up.
    We may be disappointed by some people,and we begin to think that friendship is not important; we focus so much on jobs and money and we tend to forget the people that really love us.

    As we grow older we should continue to be childlike in our attitude to disappointing people and circumstances (forgive, and remain hopeful) ; a child hardly keeps malice and children are usually optimistic. We should not allow the world to rob us of our dreams and hopes. There are so may evil people in the world; no doubt about that.
    But life is beautiful when we approach it with a good attitude; and there are also many beautiful people out there.

    Life is all about trying our best as we reach for our dreams; life is equally about being a source of blessings to people around us.
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      Oct 7 2012: "Life is beautiful when we approach it with a good attitude; and there are also many beautiful people out there.

      ....... Life is equally about being a source of blessings to people around us, while trying our best as we reach for our dreams."

      Thank you Feyisayo for words worth spreading.
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    Oct 4 2012: This conversation assumes that we received the nurturing we needed and had happy childhoods. We all "remember" but there is much that we select to forget.
    Perhaps what you are observing as "the real trouble with the world" is that we need to provide better memories for our children of their childhood.
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      Oct 4 2012: Good point Theodore,
      There may be much that we choose to forget. It would be much better to contribute to good memories for all of us. Many of us have some very challenging memories. I chose to learn from them....grow.....evolve.....move on. The memories are part of us forever, and the important thing is what we do with that information. We may not have had a choice many times regarding what we witnessed and experienced as children. As thinking, feeling adults, we DO have choices:>)
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        Oct 5 2012: Memories can be reshaped as they are not exact movies of past events but rather snippets that are reconstruction of what we recall. It is not that we even retain a correct impression of the true event, merely a perspective of it that exits in a context many other factors. So there is a chance to develop a more useful past and therefore a more hopeful future .
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          Oct 5 2012: Theodore,
          Some of us have very vivid memories, and personally, I see no reason to try to "reshape" anything. I have no desire to try to "develop a more useful past". The past is gone by, and I use the information from the past to learn and grow:>)

          I wholeheartedly agree with creating a hopeful future, and to do that, I feel that sometimes, we need to listen to the children, as well as listen to the child part of ourselves:>)
        • Oct 5 2012: "So there is a chance to develop a more useful past and therefore a more hopeful future. "
          I know exactly what you mean. :)
          As I recall it, some experiences I had are now very valuable memories to me. But the thing is...when I was in that phase, I was pretty much beat and didn't really like the time. I can say those memories have been "reshaped" by my hindsight. It's like I have fake memories. Now I appreciate the memories from the experiences which are food for my thought and soul now. From those experiences I got wisdom of life and learned to deal with difficult situations.
          I would again get lost when it comes to dealing with new environments and totally different kind of problems, but one thing I know of for sure is that I would still be able to enjoy looking back whenever I realize something important from the experience.
          And the fact that numerous main characters from movies always have to overcome their own obstacles to make the stories touching--and also they get stronger and stronger from their experiences--tells me even painful memories could be part of my beautiful life story which I can use when I tell people someday, "This changed my life."
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    Oct 4 2012: And then some piece of news gives you a nine month deadline to grow up.
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    Oct 4 2012: I agree Steven, that people often "grow up" and forget. As children, we are open, honest, trusting, curious, joyful and on an adventure exploring this earth life. Then we are told to "grow up" serious!!! We leave behind many of those beautiful child-like characteristics in favor of growing up and being serious!

    At a certain stage of our lives (mid life?) we realize that we have left behind very important parts of our "self". So we go on a quest to "find ourselves", and look outside ourselves for something that will restore the joy, happiness, contentment and passion. It is there/here inside each and every one of us, waiting to be recognized.

    My mother was a very joyful person, with a GREAT sense of humor always...regardless of some very challenging circumstances, and I learned from her to recognize, use and appreciate joy and humor. She was very "grown up", practical, resourceful, intelligent, insightful, patient with 8 kids, AND very joyful and playful. In her 80s, she continued her morning ritual of a cup of coffee with the news paper. She would look first at the obituaries, and remark with a smile.....I'm not in there this morning, so I guess it's going to be a good day for me:>)
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    Oct 7 2012: Thank you for posting this Steven, it is a great question. It is a reminder that there is always one choice to be made; choosing to have a positive mental attitude. Everything else happens by itself. :-)
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    Oct 5 2012: things always change .i think i change a lot
    when i am twelve years old i lead my classmates get the school basketball that time i can play basketball all day long ,now i just sit still playing computer,no more that time i think i always want to no.1 now i just do not care .i haven;tcannected my pirmary mates,many of them has got married.and have sons ,i am till a student .live a life of simple .
    when i was twelve years old i made up myself .now i even do not go outdoors.
    everything has changed.but i think my heart never change .i still have a desire to learn more .and write more
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    Oct 4 2012: Theodore made a great observation earlier.

    Seems I remember when I was child, there were still other children bullies who wanted to pick on me.

    Now that all of us children have grown up, it doesn't seem to have changed much between us. There are still a lot of adult bullies running around picking on the rest of us.

    Some things will probably never change regardless of age.

    Picasso's quote was a great philosophical statement, but not very relevant to the reality of human nature.
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    Oct 4 2012: I know some 12 year olds tht are very adult and some that are like their parents, will never grow up. I coach 12 year olds and I give them some responsibilities for decision making and some very direct instructions. When I have a electronic problems I call my grandkids. My grandkids have jobs like mowing the lawn etc ... and receive an allowance they determine how to spend their money. Some have learned nad somne have not. But that gives their parents a good idea about what to work on and how much responsibility they can allow.

    12 year olds are in a wonderful time in life and your right we adults sometime forget that they are just kids .....

    When we are born we pee our pants and have no teeth ..... at the end of life we are doing the same thing

    Everything that happens in between is what memories are made of ... make a beautiful memory today.

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      Oct 4 2012: What a lovely image Robert. The answer is depends....stock up on depends:>)

      AND I agree...make a beautiful memory in each and every moment:>)
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        Oct 5 2012: I am a major stockholder .... LOL

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      Oct 5 2012: I applaud your efforts to train your grandchildren.

      More often than not the child who grows up not wanting to work was trained to be that way, you know when the child was 4 and wanted to help but the busy parent said no no you will break something or I can do it quicker etc stunts the child's growth and before you know it an entire generation doesn't want to work and wonder why.
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        Oct 5 2012: That's very true; we as parents are impatient and have false attachment to things that are actually worthless...."Don't help with the dishes, you might drop that mug" SO??? The stores are full of NEW mugs. "Don't water the plants, you'll get your clothes dirty..." So???? We have a functioning bath tub and washer dryer...

        WE think we are being nice to our kids by 'letting them off the hook" with chores...actually we are hobbling them by not training them to work for everything....
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    Oct 4 2012: Yes i agree and playing with your kids helps you as well as them but as we get older we also understand that to give our 12 year olds the chance to be just 12 year olds then we must take the reins of life and provide a safe family life and a safe home for them.I see today the beginnings of the logic era starting to be taught to the young ones who haven't even begun their emotional journey yet,creativity could be lost if this takes hold,our childhood should be the one place where you should see life as free and fun rather than as a calculation set of nodal vertices,we're emotional beings as well as prediction inference machines,one can't do without the other.
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    Oct 4 2012: I agree... What have you done to "reach" for it?
    • Oct 4 2012: I jump and dance, learn, create, imagine, build, paint, draw, design, discover, share,
      I wake up from bed everyday excited.
      I do it everyday.
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      Oct 4 2012: Casey and Steven,
      We don't really need to reach too is in all of us. We need to recognize "it" "it":>)

      Move the energy Casey:>)

      Steven, your comment reminds me of this: