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The Science of the Occult: Magic

A fairly straightforward scientificly based conversation.
The possibily that it exists or does not exist.
What science may prove that it exists?
What science proves it doesnt?

For one it wouldnt work as most magic is assumed to.
Should what is known as "magic" be real it would be based on energy and the exchange and physical representation of it. An example is traditional fire. It uses energy stored in wood, paper, etc, mixes with oxygen, and creates a bright flame. The question is is if it is possible for one harness this energy from their surrondings and focus it into a given point.
Think of creating an orb of light for instance, simply drawing off stored energy nearby or from the creator's body. Is it possible for one to conciously concentrate energy towards such tasks?
This, obviously, if possible is extremely rare. We know this because as far as the scientific community is concernced "magic" is simply an old wives tale. So if some people are able to channel this they either keep it a secret or do not know of their own ability.
Basically my question is is if it possible for the concious mind to channel energy into what we know in fiction as "magic" I would appreciate literate, Scientificly based, open minded, answers.
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  • Oct 3 2012: so i think that magick is real in peoples mind because in the midevil ages peopple always saw strange stuff and they wanted a explanation. i f you believe in magick it probably works for you.
  • Oct 6 2012: Ursula LeGan (sp?) had a definition I erally like. It involved that magic is something that is beyond our understanding. this could mean that which is treated as magic and amazing by a cargo cult. Don't think that a connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court is describing anything other than magic. Of course, the word magic is related to magus and magii. That means it could have a religious context,but one should also look at the Jefferson Bible if he is a Christian and think about it.
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    Oct 5 2012: Astrology or Astronomy
    Alchemy or Chemistry

    You are a bit vague about what you mean by magic. If you are using natural energy and forces in a controlled and demonstrated way its not really magic is it. Is a torch magic?

    the natural universe is strange and awesome enough without mixing up supernatural with science.

    For this to be a scientifically based conversation you probably need testable claims not a whole lot of what ifs.

    I'm not sure you are serious.

    any concrete examples of magic you can demonstrate or just speculative navel gazing?
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    Gail .

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    Oct 4 2012: Magic (as in super-natural) does not exist. If something or some power exists, it is natural.

    There are MANY around the globe who have taught themselves how to use the energy field that quantum mechanics suggests is a very real state. those who do have abundant proof. Because we enjoy deliberately manifesting our own reality, we are certainly not silent about it. If everyone learned how to do this, we could end all social ills and end the tyrannies of government around the world. YouTube is filled with people offering this to others for free, and there are those who have started businesses around the idea.

    I wouldn't spend MY time trying to manifest an orb of light. Not because I doubt my ability to do so, but because I lack any desire to do so. There are so many things that I enjoy having and manifesting, and an orb of light isn't one of htem.
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    Oct 4 2012: Believe is a great force.
    Without believe, no magic.

    Most things science has made possible today would have been seen in the middle ages as pure magic.

    Life itself is magical if you look close enough.
  • Oct 4 2012: Personally I hope it is possible, and that the knowledge of how to do so has been lost.
    For thousands of years the 'pagan' priests and such where reputed to be able to cast spells, and offer blessings that did something. The Roman Empire actually put a stop to all that, the most glaring example being when the Roman Army massacred the Briton Isle Druids (Druids also being the higher educated), and the subsequent swap to Christianity and the conversion of ritualistic magick into devil works (including inquisitions, witch burnings, etc.).

    So in conclusion I would feel dissatisfied if the history of human religions was 100% wrong and that the priests of the gods proved to be unable to do anything special.
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      Gail .

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      Oct 4 2012: Few people know about the Druids. Glad you do. I personally think that the person commonly referred to as Jesus was not a Jew (In fact, couldn't be), and I believe that he was a Druid from Northern UK.
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    Oct 3 2012: There is nothing in our understanding of the human body that suggests that it's a probability. So, basically, you have no reason to believe in thins kind of magic.