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Robots Work, Human Beings Perform

"Robots work, human beings perform" was an idea proposed by the American psychologist and writer Tim Leary. He meant that it was an insult for any human being to be forced to do a job that can be done better by a machine.

Looking at the trend of technological unemployment and the suffering as a result of that, it seems that we are more than ready to push forward a technological revolution on a global scale that will improve the lives of mankind.

Aspiring towards this new paradigm, many futurists and social activists such as Jacque Fresco, the founder of The Venus Project have proposed a global redesign of our economic, social and cultural systems to a holistic, collaborative and sustainable system that meet the needs of all people and not just a selected few.

Imagine a world where all repetitious, monotonous, boring and dangerous jobs and labor, that wastes human talent, creativity and ingenuity, were fully and deliberately automated by machines, so that human beings could do what they really want to do and focus on whats really important to our happiness and our very survival.

The question remains. Are we ready for a new paradigm, a technological revolution that will improve our lives many times over, meet the needs of mankind that will truly liberate us from the shackles of our current outdated socioeconomic system?


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  • Oct 9 2012: I do not believe that we are ready for the change. And it seems it will take a while for 'us' to get there. Without a revolutionary change in educational system that will not work at all. Such a change would have to take at least few generations and I still cannot fathom the outcome. It sounds like an utopia to me.

    What is more important I cannot understand why people want to stop working? I cannot imagine living in a word where you do not have to work. Boredom is first thing that comes up my mind and out of boredom people do nasty things.
    Look at the current camps for 'troubled' youth. They can actually get to terms with them self's by work. It gives purpose.
    • Oct 10 2012: "What is more important I cannot understand why people want to stop working?"

      When I say 'robots work, human beings perform' I mean people doing _meaningful_ jobs that improve themselves and the community around them. Jobs and labor that can easily be automated such as the production and distribution of goods and services, which is currently 70% of all jobs and labor out there, should be automated, so that people are freed up to do what they _really_ want and should be doing - curing cancer, eliminating illness, space exploration and becoming problem solvers to their environment.

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