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Zombie Apocalypse? What would you do, and how would you survive, and is it possible for a zombie apocalypse to occur?

When you think of zombie apocalypse, you think of a zombie video game or movie right? Maybe not, but i'm sure most people do, and I do. I wonder how I would survive such a tragic crisis, and how the world would ever get back to normal, or if it would ever get back to normal. Would it be possible to restore order in the world if such an apocalypse would take place?
First of all, if something like this were to happen,as soon as I hear of it heading towards my neighborhood, I'm loading up with guns and gathering as much food and water as I can. Then, I would barricade my home. you see the problem with a zombie apocalypse is that it's probably not the best idea to stay in one place, so eventually I would leave my home with my family of course to a place where other survivors have gathered, and together we would fend for ourselves, and hope for the best.
Now of course, I would be scared as hell! Having the guts to do all of this would be pretty tough. knowing whether or not I would make it that far is unknown. All of it is unknown, but I believe that something like this could happen. Do you? and what would you do?


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  • Oct 5 2012: i think that a "zombie autopsies" senario is the most realistic of all "zombie apocalypse's." also that zombie apocalypse is very improbable....the more likely is robot apocalypse

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