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Zombie Apocalypse? What would you do, and how would you survive, and is it possible for a zombie apocalypse to occur?

When you think of zombie apocalypse, you think of a zombie video game or movie right? Maybe not, but i'm sure most people do, and I do. I wonder how I would survive such a tragic crisis, and how the world would ever get back to normal, or if it would ever get back to normal. Would it be possible to restore order in the world if such an apocalypse would take place?
First of all, if something like this were to happen,as soon as I hear of it heading towards my neighborhood, I'm loading up with guns and gathering as much food and water as I can. Then, I would barricade my home. you see the problem with a zombie apocalypse is that it's probably not the best idea to stay in one place, so eventually I would leave my home with my family of course to a place where other survivors have gathered, and together we would fend for ourselves, and hope for the best.
Now of course, I would be scared as hell! Having the guts to do all of this would be pretty tough. knowing whether or not I would make it that far is unknown. All of it is unknown, but I believe that something like this could happen. Do you? and what would you do?

  • Oct 8 2012: Even if zombies were real (they're not and will never be), I doubt they'd last long after the world's militaries were deployed to destroy them. Aircraft alone would take out 90% of the zombies in a matter of hours without taking a single casualty.
  • Oct 4 2012: I see more of a Jericho type situation being more probable.

    But if it did somehow manifest and went rampant, there are some simple things I would do
    1) Start by finding all survivors in town (if there are any), destroying the zombies (I own guns and more rounds of ammo than people in the area (there are only 100 people so not hard)
    2) Raid empty houses for usables
    3) Try to organize a scavenging group to go to the next towns over and gather supplies
    4) Restructure the local power grid to isolate the town and the windmills that are going up
    5) Restructure the division of labour so that gasoline and diesal consumption are at a bare minimum
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      Oct 4 2012: According to your survival plan, I think you would survive. I'm sticking with you when it all goes down.
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    Oct 22 2012: Despite a zombie outbreak is a highly improbable situation, we have used the zombie imaginarium to study the role that emotional factors -namely panic- can impose on the transmission dynamics of an infectious disease. Thus, we have developed a computational model (rule-based model) where we included as rules, the typical zombie dynamics: susceptible->infected->dead->zombie. In our model, we needed to include 10% of the population as exterminator units, together with treatment for at least 30% of the population, in order to deal with the zombie horde. When these countermeasures weren't included, zombies always won (well, they actually won 97% of the 22.000 simulations!). As we included in our simulations rules and rates that agreed with the zombie literature (i.e.; what are the probabilities that a zombie wins an encounter with a susceptible, an exterminator v/s a zombie, etc), we concluded that, confronted with a zombie outbreak, the survival of the human race is highly improbable. Moreover, our simulations results showed that, in general, to save a person, an exterminator unit is needed. Interestingly, the global dynamics of our model resulted primarily governed by the mechanistic description of local interactions occurring at the individual level. As a whole, people's situational awareness resulted essential to modulate the inner dynamics of the system. Our simulations show that information moves faster that contagion. You can read the paper in ArXiv from Cornell University:
  • Oct 9 2012: If a zombie apocalypse were to happen i would head straight for the nearest prison, these places are built for such an event, you can control movement you have access to an arsenal, there is emergency power generators, medical facilities, food. The chances are the wardens will have the same idea and you will notice their families heading for the same place so you just be sure to befriend one as you get near. you would also have access to some of the meanest people around, just incase you need cannon fodder.
    I have far too much time alone with my mind
  • Oct 5 2012: i think that a "zombie autopsies" senario is the most realistic of all "zombie apocalypse's." also that zombie apocalypse is very improbable....the more likely is robot apocalypse
  • Oct 5 2012: I wonder why anybody is afraid of the zombies?

    I mean, they do not hurt, cheat, steal or attack each other. Zombies seem to be the nicest people on earth one could imagine, also, they do not die, they seem to live forever. How they spent their lifetime seems to be meaningless and boring, but hey, is our average life better?

    People who think zombie movies are scary because of the zombies simply did not understand the movie they just saw...
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    Oct 5 2012: I think I would gather all my camping stuff, my Canoe stuff, go get Cold weather gear from the local Sports shop or wherever, grab my guns from my Dad's, head up north into the National Parks and just find an island to live on for a while, then recon into towns and see if there was a community forming that we could join....I think "The Walking Dead" would be close to how it would play out.
  • Oct 5 2012: There are 2 types of Zombie infection. 1 is made with poisonous substances used by the Bokors from haiti wich turns people in some sort of slave. This kind of zombie infection cant be transmitted by bites, air nor any type of contact. This type of zombies is not likely to multiply because in order to make only 1 zombie with this method. It takes a lot of unusual ingredients that are difficult to find. And its a tradition that is slowly disappearing. The second type of infection is performed by a fungi (Ophiocordyceps unilateralis). That infects ants altering its behavior in its behalf. If Umbrella Corporation manages to alter this fungi genetically so i t can affect humans then there will be no way out because this fungi reproduces by spreading spores and this spores float freely in the air. So i would follow Scott's recomendations and i would add a gas mask or something that can help to filter the air you breathe.
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    Oct 5 2012: You should read the World War Z survival guide.

    Get away from concentrated populations well before the tipping point in a nice remote area and well stocked up is best apparently.

    Other living humans are also a threat.

    Survivability also depends on who smart these fictional Z's are.
  • Oct 4 2012: we can wait out two weeks for the zombie apocalypse to calm down.
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    Oct 3 2012: Biologically its impossible for a zombie apocalypse to exist for any prolonged period of time and would quickly end (based on all zombie movies I've seen, which is probably 20).
    Simple reasons:

    1. Zombies are never half-eaten, are often fully intact AND they don't eat each other.
    It would take one zombie (alone) several dozen attacks each day to sustain itself.
    Given the speed and capacity of a typical zombie and how everyone it bites would also be looking for victims, the availability of food would run out in days.

    2. A zombie is dead and has no sense of pain, cold or heat, but biologically the effects still take place.
    Take a piece of meat and place it in the freezer, then defrost and repeat (or even just leave it out).
    As you will see, the meat will not survive for any prolonged period of time. A zombie would simply break apart, smash, lose all structural integrity or simply rot within roughly a week.

    3. The only thing that prevents humans from being eaten by animals, insects and our own bacteria are our activities in preventing it from happening (and ofcourse, living). A zombie that doesn't swat a fly, run from a wild animal or have an immune system would become prey and would eventually be on the receiving end of an attack rather than being the attacker itself.

    4. Biting is an evolutionary dead end. How often do you allow a vagrant to come into physical contact with you? (let alone their mouths). There are only a select number of scenarios where a zombie could get close enough AND how the disease is being contracted would quickly become apparent to everyone.

    5. People have guns, knives and tools (and alot of people who would enjoy using them in this scenario). We have the military, we have the national guard, we have the police and zombies can't blend in with a crowd.
    They wouldn't last long.

    Length of 'apocalypse': 2 weeks.
  • Oct 3 2012: no one would survive
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      Oct 3 2012: Thats not completely true.
      • Oct 3 2012: it all really depends on how the virus is....airborn, bite, or other..... man made?
  • Oct 3 2012: we would all turn into zombies.
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      Oct 3 2012: You're
      • Oct 3 2012: im serious. read the book "zombie autopsies". no one survives.