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Solving the Energy Crisis; Solar Harvesting Satellites

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If a consensus is reached among world leaders, then the world would no longer need to fight over energy and hybrid cars will be more efficient! I think this would be super awesome! We should essentially pay nothing for this energy, but we might pay for the maintenance of this satellite staying in space.

Let's get started on this!

What do you think?

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  • Oct 15 2012: The first question that comes to my mind is - if it's feasible to beam power down from space, why can't we beam power up on one side of the planet and beam it back down someplace else? It's not lack of room or even solar costs (or costs of other intermittent renewable technologies) down here on Earth that is the constraint but the capacity to distribute it widely enough or store it cheaply enough. Still cheaper to have 4 or 5 times as much solar on Earth in best possible locations as the smaller equivalent in space, the scale of the project would be much smaller than full SPS but still enough to boost space programs enormously - which I suspect for many of the proponents is the primary intent - and we get a global energy grid.
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      Oct 21 2012: Hi Ken, what did you think of the 3 links that is under the field of "Updated" in my introduction/description? I feel that one of the links might answer your question, and if not I will try to answer it with my limited knowledge.

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