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E-books with stylus with an interactive screen, text, and margins.

It would be really cool if we were able to takes notes on margins or the reader could highlight certain text and add notes to it. It would also be cool if some books had links or fun little animations that are exclusive to E-books. I think E-books could potentially be great in many aspects, but it needs to evolve much faster than where it currently is. Someone should benefit from this idea and produce this product or are they already producing this features?

It would feel like your annotating text in school again! =D

So much resources could be saved.

  • Oct 5 2012: Some of the schools are using Tablets for learning. There are some Tablets which are specially for the school. There was also an idea to replace Tablets for each year of Class and pay only a small amount for the next Class. Assignments, Work Book, Home Tasks etc are planned and the child can go to next level only if the child has attained at-least 60% or so marks in the previous assignments.

    Only one concern with this is that "Loss of the experience / enjoyment of reading a book in your hand like that of our and previous generations".
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    Oct 3 2012: Text books could benefit enormously by having explanatory videos (people remember videos better than text). Students might also benefit from being able to have split screen and notes. I'm a little surprised that text books are not already being written this way.
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      Oct 3 2012: Yes, the links to videos on key points or the whole text would be very helpful! Let's open source this knowledge.