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How does TED Conversations offer an alternative online social experience to other sites and social networks?

a) How did you find out about TED Conversations to begin with?
b) What made you want to contribute to a discussion thread?
c) Do you participate in the discussion threads for the social aspect or the educational aspect?
d) Do you use general social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter? Why/Why not/How does that differ from TED conversations in comparison to discussing this on your facebook page?

For those who have never used TED and do for the first time under this survey:

a) Had you heard about TED Talks/Conversations prior to this?
b) Do you use social networking sites?
c) Would you be interested in participating in discussion threads on TED?
d) What do you believe is the difference between having these discussions on TED as opposed to other social networking sites?


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  • Oct 10 2012: TED is all about sharing your knowledge, ideas, opening up your mind, removing stereotypes, discovering the world around you, being curious, asking questions learning new and awesome stuff......... I can go on and on.
    And that is where it is different from other social networking sites, you actually participate and not in stupid 'lucky factor' quizzes or games like FarmVille but you play a part in spreading ideas and changing your and others perceptions about the world. You are an active participant, not just a passive watcher.

    Also, TED simply isn't silly like the other sites but actually something for intellectuals.

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