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How to train my self to be creative?

What is the good practice for be creative, for creating digital content, being creative for find solutions for Green world etc.


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    Apr 19 2011: I suppose creativity is fun, as others have mentioned I'm sure. I see it was playfulness because the whole idea of creation can be varied from making gifts for your partner or brainstorming on an international brand. I have been fortunate to have studied in a Graphic Design course with a high priority for good ideas. In my youth I believed that somehow thinking hard equated to better ideas, when something wasn't good enough, I'd think harder to solve the problem (then I'd get headaches!).

    As I grew older I realised that was wrong, it was much easier to let an idea arrive - rather than forced. For example, when I'm stuck with a brief, I would do something else, something simple like washing the dishes or take a walk, doing something mundane certainly helps because the question is simmering in the back of the head, I have often reached my solution whilst doing something else. A pen and small pad is always handy to have for every little thought you wish to jot down.

    I guess it boils down to... give your mind something to think about, you do something else... and leave your subconscious alone to do the work :D

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