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How to train my self to be creative?

What is the good practice for be creative, for creating digital content, being creative for find solutions for Green world etc.


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    Apr 19 2011: There are two schools of thought in approaching creativity. Structured and unstructured. I prefer the former. Here's a small checklist that I have seen work in various situations, that might help:

    1. Creative Process - Adopt and adapt a method to creative process. Adopt it from industry best practices, adapt it to your style and circumstances.

    2. Constraints based Creativity - Identify constraints within your problem space. Time, Cost, Quality are basic constraints. Technology, Environment, Political, Social, Legal and Regulatory, Behavior are "macro" constraints. Knowing your problem space well through constraints ensures focused creative solution.

    3. Release Early Feedback Often - Prototype, Wireframe, Mocks, Mind-map, to enable feedback early in the creative process.

    Not a comprehensive list. However, hope this helps.

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