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Voter ID laws in the 2012 election

How can this push by the right to marginalize thousands of voters be accepted? Have they presented any statistical evidence that shows fraud as a significant detriment to democratic process?


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    Oct 4 2012: Proposal in opposition to entire problem:

    1) Those who have IDs use them and vote

    2) Those who don't have their photo taken and/or a bio scan (hand geometry, finger print, retnia scan, etc..) and sign an affidavit that they are who they say they are.
    a) If it turns out false they have committed a federal law
    b) Undeniable proof of violation ensures cut and dry case

    Result: With facial recognition (short of real good disguises) or bio identification no duplicate votes and id ensured.

    Photo id - one digital camera and computer
    finger print id - none borrow from police who have to be there anyway
    bio id - 10K

    photo id $8 for few individual who don't have, which can be done at booth by DMV people overtime or employing the huge population without jobs
    • Oct 10 2012: James, in my district there are 16 polling places. That is just my district. Who would pay for all of the new equipment needed? We currently have a part time police force. (No I am not kidding) our local department delegates things like finger printing to the state department. And police are not present at polls here. As fr as I know no police "have to be there" in my state at all.

      In person fraud is not a problem, really it is not. And what I suspect will happen is that in the push to get everyone an ID the state has just issued more fraudulent ids than it ever had before. (They had no choice, the push to get IDs faster than was possible made many cut corners.) I think this law will be proven to be a huge backfire over the next few years.
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        Oct 15 2012: Hence the low cost option
        • Oct 16 2012: Clarify how in the world your option remains low cost? Besides if you make getting ID that easy you are simply creating the potential for even larger fraud for people to use in other settings. Voter fraud is almost never in person fraud.

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