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Should employee loyalty be over ?

With so much companies re-organizations and forced layoffs, should employees still aspire to long careers within a same organization ? what should be the new mindset ? Where will the inspiration be ? In the organization values and mission or the individual's ?


Closing Statement from fernando quinones

As final answer, I conclude that the recent economic situation, is currently revealing a dilema in the reality of for profit corporations. Such, impacting the sensitive line, that employees are the best asset and they should do their best to retain them. The world changed. Employers now only retain as long as you produce immediate results. On the other side, employees, having lived through employers recent actions, are shifting mindsets from lifelong careers to transitory status, making them receptive to changing jobs that align to new opportunities and better treatment. Both sides seem to be moving on opposite directions, which lead to believe that the labor scenario will soon be faced by a serious challenge to synchronize both. In the meantime, the sense of job security and employees passion for an employer is quickly vanishing, only to expect that overall performance and results will eventually be seriously impacted. Employers need to urgently lead, in defining the future employer-employee relationship. This, towards attracting and retaining talent while maximizing efforts and results. Re-balancing the overall happiness and satisfaction levels of both employers and employees is a must. Whoever company surfaces to lead on this, will be delivering a sound contribution for businesses, that will allow for employers-employees to soon evolve from the current difficult economic times.

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    Oct 2 2012: My mindset of the last 20 years has been mercenary...My boss knows that and does his best to keep me happy as I am fairly good at what I do and am consistent as well..
    With corporations ducking ALL responsibilities (including contractual (see the discharged pension debts for airline employees etc.) I don't see that we, as individuals, owe them ANYTHING that they haven't paid for (preferably in advance).

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