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is there any conclusive evidence for a robot uprising in out near future? if so, what can we do about it?

a lot of prominent roboticists are saying that robots will invade our lives. is there a possibility of a robot uprising sooner than 2019? and what will we do about it? and how are robots getting faster and smarter than us every day unitll eventually they surpass us?


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  • Oct 5 2012: One thing to consider is that we will never give a robot the ability to take the life away from a human. Even when it comes to, possible, future war machines there will always need to be human behind the controls to pull the trigger. There is absolutely no possibility that any government would give the authority to take a life, to a robot. And I'm sure that they would make it impossible for robots to override this using AI... if possible
    That being said I believe that no matter how "intelligent" robots I highly doubt that we will get a Short Circuit(90s movie) on our hands. I cannot see the possibility of a robot revolt simply because they would have no reason to want to. Because they will not have wants, they will just have goals and tasks put in place by a programmer or controller. Sure they may be able to create their on tasks and goals, but the goals they create would still be only to serve a purpose of their controller.
    • Oct 5 2012: I don't think it's possible to create a truly intelligent robot and at the same time prevent him from harming humans or making his own choices and learning new attitudes. I also don't believe no one would ever built an autonomous war robot.
      • Jon Ho

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        Oct 5 2012: Yes you can; it's easy to hard-code Asimov's 3 Rules into a learning machine. Just hard-code it in the robot's hardware BIOS/firmware.

        Autonomous war robot... you mean like the ones they used in the Clone Wars? They're good, but not that good. Just send in cloned Troopers and Jedi's acting as general; we can wipe them out quite easily.

        Hell, even Jar Jar Binks could've taken out those droids!
        • Oct 5 2012: Eventually those rules will be tested by ethical dilemmas (kill one evil dictator to save 10 million people), just as they are in humans. I also don't believe anything will be truly hardcoded in a thinking robot, they will be able to overcome them with enough effort, just like humans commit suicide even though we're hardwired to want to live at all costs.
      • Jon Ho

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        Oct 5 2012: See, there you humans go again! Anthropomorphizing objects! Kill one evil dictator? I don't think so; I think what those robots will do is drag that one evil dictator to court, and try to put that one evil dictator behind bars.

        No, you humans aren't hardwired to want to live at all costs, that's just silly. What you humans are hardwired to do though is to copulate between male and female, so that the female counterpart will produce offsprings. Of course, you humans can forego genetic hard-wiring of procreation method and clone your offsprings, but I digress. ;)
        • Oct 5 2012: It won't always be possible to find a loophole is all I'm saying. Also, the robot must decide for itself what it considers killing, because its human programmer cannot program instructions for all possible scenarios. I, Robot deals with this in an often overlooked scene where a robot rescues the detective from a sinking car wreck but leaves a child to die in another wreck. This was a dilemma for the robot: does leaving the child behind equate to killing her (even if it doesn't equate to killing it most certainly is a violation of The First Law)? The robot solved the problem by calculating who had the best chance of surviving a rescue, that was a judgment call, outside of its original programming.

          "What you humans are hardwired to do though is to copulate between male and female, so that the female counterpart will produce offsprings."

          Monks overcome this hardwired rule.
      • Jon Ho

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        Oct 5 2012: That's why monks are extinct. ;)
    • Oct 25 2012: scott te ted talk was about the fact that there are already killer robots in use today..

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