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is there any conclusive evidence for a robot uprising in out near future? if so, what can we do about it?

a lot of prominent roboticists are saying that robots will invade our lives. is there a possibility of a robot uprising sooner than 2019? and what will we do about it? and how are robots getting faster and smarter than us every day unitll eventually they surpass us?


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  • Oct 17 2012: What many people do not realize is that there wil not specifically be a robot revolution. Try.... really try to think about how many computers are already involved in every aspect of your life. now try to imagine that with 40 more years worth of technology and innovation. Computers will be ingrained within us, we will be able to access internet data with merely a thought, we will use prosthetics to achieve physical greatness. before we can truly achieve a machine that thinks greather than a human, we will already use machines to improve our own thinking. The robot uprising will be humans with robotic technology. Those who oppose this will live separatly (like the amish do now) and really have litle effect on the rest of society as we progress

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