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What will the future be like? Say if there is to come a year 2050, will it be as glamorous and amazing as the media and cinema tics make it?

The future. We pretty much have all at least once thought of what the future will be like. I know I do, and a lot. When I think of the future, I see it in many different ways. One way I think of the future, is when I think of Halo, or something futuristic, but will it really be like that? Unprovidentially, it will not in my opinion. The way the world is now, and all that is going on, all of the wars occurring. If it continues, there may be no future, but thats what I want to know. Will there be such a future, and if so, what do you think it will be like?

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    Oct 2 2012: Track back in time looking at trends leading up to the present. Assume those trends continue for the next 38 years. It looks like an Armageddon-style global clash between Asia and Islam. Europe and the USA will take everyone else down with them in a spectacular economic collapse. All power will go to the two surviving players who will be scrambling looking for consumers for their sub-standard manufactured products, and their crude oil. Whoever is victorious in that final, great war will get the keys to the planet. . . and welcome to them.
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      Oct 3 2012: I agree. It seems that war is the key to controlling the world.
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    Oct 2 2012: The film "Idiocracy", pretty much had it down in my mind... but it wasn't a very good movie, outside of that.

    I actually think the really shocking thing about technology, is that it was all leading up, to only a slightly improved version of this. Unless light speed is reachable without destroying the human body... This is it, light speed communication, with all 10 billion people on the planet. It's pretty amazing, and virtual reality will make it a bit better, in the human hamster wheel... but still, life will be relatively similar if we dont' destroy ourselves.

    We'll eat, sleep, drink, breathe, and love, we'll make more people... and we'll enjoy each others artwork and creativity... We'll also fight, have meaningless relationships, and kill each other seemingly at random... but in general, we will continue to be as Douglas Adams once defined the earth so aptly... "Mostly Harmless".
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    Oct 5 2012: As already implied by one poster here, BOTH optimism AND pessimism generally don't happen in the accellerated time frames people think they will.

    Forty years ago, the optimists were saying we were all going to be living lives of luxery with self-flying cars, home appliances that would do everything for us we still manually have to do ourselves, we would have colonies on the Moon and Mars, and "money" would be an archaic concept that nobody would be using anymore.

    Forty years ago, the pessimists were predicting we were all going to be extinct from the use of nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants, global calamity disasters, war, disease, and the failures of "The Next Generation".

    Guess what?

    Forty years from NOW, it won't look anything like what the most optimistic nor most pessimistic people think it will be.
  • Oct 5 2012: My prediction for the year 2050:

    1) Increase of living standard around the world (lees of an increase in what is now the developed world though, but that's only fair)

    2) Massive environmental degradation in Africa and Asia, many species we know today will be extinct or only living in zoos

    3) Advent of the "global citizen", countries will start looking alike more and more

    4) Drive towards a more sustainable world (both environmental and economic), but this will still be far from complete in 2050, possible partial preparation towards a new economic system to be intriduced later on to combat endemic income inequality

    5) Only three kinds of states will remain: half democratic (elections but severely restricted civil rights for at least a segment of the population), fully democratic and pragmatic (an evolution of China and Putin's Russia, very modern and with some civil rights, but ultimately not democratic at all), America will become more like Canada and Europe, gay rights will be completely realized in the fully democratic and pragmatic countries and people will become more accepting of that

    6) Very advanced electronics affordable to all, but cars will be in decline because fewer people can afford them or need them (work at home), more people will live in smaller homes

    7) Politically the world will become closer, war between states will be rare if not entirely non-existent, but major powers will remain rivals over resources

    8) Resource scarcity in some areas of the economy (making the aforementioned cars and other items more expensive)
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    Oct 5 2012: GG, Facts are not what people want to hear but are a necessary evil. Currently we have extreme problems in many areas: Our venture into Quantitative Easing (QE3), micro and macro economics, trade deficiencies, the rapid approach into socialism, the lack of diplomacy both foreign and domestic, career politicians, complete lack of confidence in leadership, apathy, unheard of national debit, rampant spending with no money in the account, and the art of blame instead of acceptance of responsibility, etc ....

    Movies tell you two things 1) what you want to hear/see/believe; and 2) what you do not want to hear (fears)

    From Rome on we can see that politicians and leaders care little for the masses ... it is all about their place in history and their glorification ... ergo a big ego trip. In Europe the leaders refuse to cut back on social programs that are a lodestone around their necks because it would not be popular and they would not be re-elected. Even as their country goes down the crapper they worry about themselves. We know that Obamacare will bankrupt states but we continue down the socialism path. The US credit rating has went from AAA to aa- in four years and is still dropping ... can no one hear the ticking of the doom clock. We are facing a fiscal cliff in three month and we smile as our way of life as we know it is being threatened are we that stupid to become lemmings marching to the sea.

    You ask about 2050 when 2014 may bring your answer.

    You want excitement and entertainment don't go to movies ... pay attention to what is REALLY happening.

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    Oct 3 2012: I recommend both the TED talk and the book by Peter Diamandis
  • Oct 3 2012: yes because think of all the advancments in the years 1900 to 1950, i mean tanks, cars, planes all sorts of advancments. i tihnk a lot of stuff will happen up to 2050.
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    Oct 2 2012: 2050 will only be as different as those in the 1960's thought about what the year 2000 would be like
    I.E/ Not very different and a bit of a let down.

    Things don't progress anywhere near as quickly enough for a 40 year timescale to have society drastically changed.
    Although we'll probably have smaller phones and better internet connection, so theres that.