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In Christianity who wrote the Bible?

Recently i attended an inter-religious dialogue, and a pastor was asked about previous books where he confidently stated to which apostle of God it was sent to like, Moses, David, and Jesus. he was further asked, "if the bible is the book of God to whom was it send to?" meaning which apostle. He said it was sent to all and when further asked who wrote it down, he said i don't know, so i thought i could get a convenient answer from TED members. so I ask again who wrote the bible?


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  • Oct 2 2012: The initial answers to your question are rather good. I do not agree with all Edward wrote here, but the truth seems to be no human being knows who wrote some portions. Some of the Old Testament authors are known, such as David writing portions of Psalms. This book was written by many. We know the author identify of portions of the New Testament.

    What seems much more important is recognition of truth in one's inner self upon thinking and reflecting on what one hears or reads. What is meaningful to a person may very well be according to one's enlightenment from many different life experiences. What is meaningful is what persons hold dear in their heart and it is this that drives one's behavior.

    Let's add a challenge question for everyone here on TED. Would you be able to recognize what is truth (according to your enlightenment) if all references to author identity were removed from all material---books, magazine articles, thesis for university degrees, opinion editorials, letters,------anything included printed and electronic versions, including any religious authority books?

    What is important is planetary progress in comprehending life, the Cosmos, law, behavioral ideals, so that we all live better, which would include freedom from all threats.

    So called human religious authorities will never replace the original plan for planetary progress.

    A lot more could be said here to address this conversation question.

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