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Money or Life ??

From childhood it is said too have life you have to earn money but while earning all these we always think we have money but we can enjoy the life why it is so why people make them so busy in earning money so that they can enjoy their life is it necessary to focus that much on money and dont able to get a bit of enjoyment from the life ???


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  • Oct 3 2012: without money it's not possible to enjoy your live ! I think
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      Oct 4 2012: My question is not that if we dont have money we can live

      but the point is in while earning money we used to forgot that we have our own life also where we can share emotion, love, care many more thing which helps us to live our life happily but the people become a machine which can generate money and nothing else.
    • Oct 4 2012: How do you know it?

      have you tried it already?

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        Oct 18 2012: yes i have seen in my society and different families which is near by our side ....

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