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Money or Life ??

From childhood it is said too have life you have to earn money but while earning all these we always think we have money but we can enjoy the life why it is so why people make them so busy in earning money so that they can enjoy their life is it necessary to focus that much on money and dont able to get a bit of enjoyment from the life ???


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    Oct 7 2012: I think:
    (1) Money is for life.
    (2) Life is for keeping our DNA alive.
    (3) Enjoying life (VALID happiness) consists of many “a-step-better”s for keeping DNA alive rather than money.
    “VALID happiness is the short time feeling of things being a-step-better for keeping one’s own DNA alive.”

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      Oct 8 2012: valid reason may be short time but our life is also short to enjoy the life we should be able to take out few time from our busy scheduled ..... if we will not enjoy our life then how can you expect that our upcoming generation will enjoy the life and they will not bother about money ......

      if the future come the usage of money will increase and the future generation guys will more focus on the money not in the life

      its my thought but i respect you views

      and thanks for you precious views on this

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