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Money or Life ??

From childhood it is said too have life you have to earn money but while earning all these we always think we have money but we can enjoy the life why it is so why people make them so busy in earning money so that they can enjoy their life is it necessary to focus that much on money and dont able to get a bit of enjoyment from the life ???


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    Oct 2 2012: I believe its called 'filling the void'.
    People are brought up to believe that money is the 'be all and end all' of life and existence, so people devote their lives to pursue it. Unfortunately because of this the aspects of the character that makes them *THEM* disappears to a large extent
    -Can't have a hobby - have to work
    -Can't have time to yourself - have to study
    -Can't do what you want - have obligations
    -Can't enjoy life - need to earn money

    So to fill the ever-growing void people try and fill the lost part of themselves with materialism (shiny objects, big houses etc etc) anything that can help re-define the parts of them that they've lost, all of which costs money...so they work more..

    Thats my theory.

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