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Money or Life ??

From childhood it is said too have life you have to earn money but while earning all these we always think we have money but we can enjoy the life why it is so why people make them so busy in earning money so that they can enjoy their life is it necessary to focus that much on money and dont able to get a bit of enjoyment from the life ???


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    Oct 2 2012: Good things are only good when they are pursued without selfishness and pride. When good things are pursued by the wrong methods, or in the wrong ways, or too much, the individual pursuing the things becomes bad.

    We need money to buy a few neccessities and to afford a few luxuries. But our life is like a body with many parts. If we only focus on getting more money we could hurt people by cheating them, or hurt family members by not showing our care, or we could endanger our health by our obsessive thoughts of money.
    We are born into a family, and a community, we belong to a society, and a nation.
    We should give every aspect of life and living its due attention; and not just focus on a part at the expense of the other.
    Money can not buy love and happiness; and these two make living worthwhile.
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      Oct 4 2012: Sir,
      what you told is absolutely right but the thing is that in general the people doesn't understand these things so ..........

      Life is like body i really appreciate because no one wants to know how we should manage our life so that we can enjoy our life happily

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