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START UP COMPANIES! We want to know what makes you tick, your drive, passion and reasoning for starting your own company.

Why did you set up your own business?
What did you risk?
What drives you?
What do you do when people shot down your ideas?
Who was your inspiration?
What would help you persevere?

Any other thoughts into the workings of a start up company would be great.

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    Gail .

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    Oct 2 2012: I once owned a business I called "Omnibus". I would do anything that sounded interesting. It was based on the premise that if I needed $$$, the phone would ring with a consultant offer. It worked.

    My time was mostly spent helping small 1-2 person businesses take the next step and grow, or helping businesses go through a structured implosion to prepare for retirement or semi-retirement.

    What did I risk? going hungry
    What drives me? a challenge and learning
    What do I do when things get tough? Define tough.
    Who was my inspiration? My own internal "voice". And all of those in history who helped inform my worldview.

    When the challenge is gone, and there's nothing left to learn, it's time to move on.
    • Oct 2 2012: That's lovely, thank you.
      Do you use anything to help you persevere? Quotes/Websites/events etc?

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        Gail .

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        Oct 2 2012: Persevere? I don't do that any more. I allow life to take care of me.

        Sometimes, I do have doubts about how to proceed, but I take time to reflect on the problem. If I see challenge, I go forth.

        The trick here is to evaluate using critical thinking skills. Too many rely on emotions, that block out the feelings that are a universal language containing much wisdom. Those who confuse thought with emotions do need to persevere, as do those who have not yet learned that irrational fears are an invitation, not a stop sign.
  • Oct 22 2012: Over the last few years, I have been building a client base by word of mouth only. When the economy turned downward, I felt sure my home business would dry up but it didn't. In fact it is booming. The main reasons behind that is: Folks love my art work & I lowered my prices for more folks to obtain them.
    I am now about to move into a bigger place & will have a large art studio. No more cramped quarters.
    My love of animals & customer satisfaction are what drives me.
    The risks I take are small due in large part in being able to diversify. Meaning I do more then paint animals.
    Being shot down is a growing tool and my instincts are honed daily on this.
    Walt Disney was my inspiration and as long as I am alive I'll persevere.
    The only thing I risked was my art.
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  • Oct 5 2012: I came across hoop dance by a coincident (or what I thought was a coincident before I understood online marketing). I bought myself a custom made hula hoop, handmade, large, colorful, and started to practice dance and doing tricks with it. My creativity exploded, I got hooked and I felt like a child on christmas day with my new toy. It had transformed my life, and I wanted others to experience what I had experienced. It was also a great exercise, and I thought there must be a great activity for people who wants a fun and effective exercise. My good feeling and my inspiration was the whole fire that started my business.

    Well, after I'd been practicing for a year, I started producing hoops, I rented a dance studio where I could have my classes, and, at that time I also had to quit my dayjob because the shop I worked in was closed down. I had my rent to pay like everyone else, I had no other income, so I kind of risked everything,but at the same time: if I hadn't been able to provide myself only from my business, I would have applied for another dayjob that could have paid my rent and also paid for some marketing, so it wasn't like I risked my life or something.

    The way I see things, "what drives you" is the same question as "why did you set up your own business".

    When customers or those presented to my idea doesn't buy it, I try to figure out how to communicate my message in a way that inspires to action.

    I'm very inspired by other hoop dance companies, and I'm inspired by the ideas of Simon Sinek (see his speech here on Ted). I'm inspired by a hoop dance business owner named Christabel Zamor.

    Persevere? This is where money comes in. As long as money comes in I will persevere. Seeing customers benefit from my services and products is also very helpful.

    My advice to a start up company:
    Spend your advertising budget on promoting your Facebook page using sponsored stories. Right funny fb updates that people are likely to share. Watch Simon Sinek's speech.