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What is the key to smarter decisions?

My question to the TED community is what is the key to smarter decisions?

As individuals, how can we make smarter decisions in everyday life?
How is this different in business decision making?
Can we help others make a better decision or should this be done out of own will?


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  • Nov 1 2012: I believe the key to smarter decisions is to suspend our current beliefs and look at what is really happening, without emotional attachment or preconceived ideas. Without an open mind it is impossible to increase your level of conscious awareness. An open mind gives careful consideration to new ideas or ways of looking at old and new problems.

    Too many of us are prisoners of our perception or more accurately, prisoners of our deceptions. When we start to interpret and mold situations to fit perceived values or condemn situations because they don’t agree with a long established set of limiting beliefs, we find ourselves in conflict, sometimes attempting to defend the indefensible. A lifetime of beliefs, no matter how poorly founded, can often be defended with such vigor that they take on the appearance of fact or being right.

    Smarter decisions require an open mind; a mind that asks “is there a better way?” Our mindsets and habits have evolved over our lifetime and patience and persistence is essential if we are going to committ to better decisions. Being open and receptive to new thoughts, beliefs or consciousness must start with an open mind and an open heart. Decisions are rarely black and white or carved in stone an open mind and some critical thinking are the order of the day if we want to personally change.

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