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What is the key to smarter decisions?

My question to the TED community is what is the key to smarter decisions?

As individuals, how can we make smarter decisions in everyday life?
How is this different in business decision making?
Can we help others make a better decision or should this be done out of own will?


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    Oct 23 2012: Easy! Its all about educating & training young people 'fully'. We don't do this at all. Its easy because it just needs application of the things we already know. Why don't we do it? Because we do not make smart decisions now.

    So, its the key smart decision we need to make NOW - to train and educate ALL young people fully - and this means mind, body, creativity, ability to think for themselves - 'fit for life' There is simply no other answer. I have developed specific ideas of exactly how we achieve this profound change in education and training:

    See 'Super Fast Track' - for the ones we have just missed out (17 to 22)


    And Fit For Life - for all ages (4 to 16)


    So there is no excuse for us not to have 'smart decisions' in the future - and they WILL understand what it means too!

    Lets get on with it - its a world changer, and by definition THE future of the human race.


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