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What is the key to smarter decisions?

My question to the TED community is what is the key to smarter decisions?

As individuals, how can we make smarter decisions in everyday life?
How is this different in business decision making?
Can we help others make a better decision or should this be done out of own will?


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    Oct 2 2012: Hi Ecaterina!
    For me personally, the best decisions are made after gathering all available information, pondering, and letting the decision unfold. I study and research information if that is appropriate, and also listen to instinct/intuition.

    Often, after gathering information, I ask the question of myself before going to sleep, because I believe our subconscious mind often works things out while we are sleeping. There may be information we are not aware of on a conscious level, so the subconscious helps us out:>)

    I see no logical reason to deprive myself of ANY information which might facilitate a good decision, so I remain open minded and open hearted to everything available. As thinking, feeling, evolving humans, we have the ability to sift through information logically AND intuitively when those functions are working together.

    We've seen discussions here on TED where folks ask...what is better...logic OR intuition? I see no reason to seperate these valuable sources of information.
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      Oct 10 2012: Colleen, what I like most in your answer, is that you concentrate on the question at hand. I think a lot of not such smart decisions are made because people's judgement takes them too far away from the original issue/ problem where the decision is required. I think by actually concentrating on the question at hand, one is opened to a structured thinking process (conscious or unconscious) and is enabled to make a smarter decisions.
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        Oct 16 2012: Thanks for the feedback Ecaterina:>)
        I believe that being clear in ourselves and focusing on the question at hand provides a better path to more useful, beneficial decisions. I agree that decisions that are sometimes not so good, are often because of mental/emotional/logical wandering.
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          Oct 16 2012: Hi dear Colleen you are absolutely right but I am curious that did you regret any of your decision after you made because I really do with almost all of my decision I made like I started a small business after my graduation instead of doing a job although it is running smoothly and according to my expectations but sometimes I think that job may be better than it even it happens to me in my social and personal life like I have a circle of friends around me whom with I feel comfortable but sometimes I think that I must leave them because they are BAD in the views of people whom I want etc. Is it a regret or something else and does it happen to me or almost all human beings??

          (you might be feel difficulty to understand what I want to say due to language problems but if you get it please reply me)
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        Oct 17 2012: Hello Noveed:>)
        Good question, and it is a factor which often keeps people from moving forward. It is very common to question ourselves and our choices/decisions. An important question is, how much energy do you want to give to something from the past?

        Regret means..."to mourn the loss or death of; to miss very much; to be very sorry for; grief or pain tinged with emotions;an expression of distressing emotion; sorrow; disappointment". Personally, I do not see any benefit in carrying that baggage.

        I have no regrets. I believe that the life experience is an exploration, so I do not perceive "failures", "mistakes", or spend my time and energy on regret. When we believe, as I do, that the life adventure is an exploration in which we can learn, grow and evolve as human beings, there is no need to spend time and energy on regret.

        As I said in a previous comment on this thread, when facing a decision, I seek all available information, listen to my logical mind and intuitive/instinct, ponder the information and make the decision. I feel confident that I have done everything possible at that time to make a good decision. If, at a later date I am aware of more information, I realize that the decision I made was for the purpose of learning, and another stepping stone on the path of life.

        Regarding your decision about starting a small business/or doing another job. You say..."sometimes I think that job may be better..." That is not the reality in the present moment, so why give that thought energy? It's a thought...allow it to move through you and spend your energy on what you are doing in the moment.....make any sense?

        The past is gone by, and we can use information from the past to learn. The future is not yet a reality, and it is good to have plans and dreams. Being fully engaged in the present moment, and using my energy in the present, is the most desirable for me, because the present moment is the only reality:>)

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