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What is the key to smarter decisions?

My question to the TED community is what is the key to smarter decisions?

As individuals, how can we make smarter decisions in everyday life?
How is this different in business decision making?
Can we help others make a better decision or should this be done out of own will?


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  • Oct 10 2012: There is a saying:Misfortune might be a blessing in disguise.In a long run ,we can't make a conclusion immidiately to the effect causing by the decisions we made. however in a short term,tell whethr it is a smarter decision or not ,according to whether you get what you want.
    we have no ability to forsee future,so we try to make smarter decision to make the things go as we wish.two ways for you.
    one:thinking in different ways is known to all to such problem.think if we don't do like this ,what will happen?learn lessions from others is a good choice,in this way we can avoid making same mistakes that others made facing the same problems.reflect things you did.if you did wrongly ,don't blame youself ,just correct it.
    two:don't expect the things go as well as you wish too much once you have made a decision.once you have made a decison,there is one thing we can do is not to regret,just face everything in a peaceful mood.remember that all you need to do is to do the right thing with a good purpose.

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