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What is the key to smarter decisions?

My question to the TED community is what is the key to smarter decisions?

As individuals, how can we make smarter decisions in everyday life?
How is this different in business decision making?
Can we help others make a better decision or should this be done out of own will?


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  • Oct 4 2012: For one, i believe that a conscious mind is able to make good decisions just through simple thoughtful applications such as; Thinking of others, making sure our actions don't negatively affect others; Thinking long term, will the decision bring regret later?; and the benefits and costs of your decisions.

    Selfless thinking is what separates a humanitarian from utilitarian. Your duty as a human is to survive, and in doing so you must help others if you expect to be helped. Therefore, all decisions should be made in recognition of others around you. You never know who's watching, but when you stop look around and pay attention.

    Good decision making is based on logic, but you can't assume logic without actually knowing right from wrong. Indeed its a bit subjective, but for the most part we know our rights from our wrongs. We do have moral guidelines to follow, and if you don't then that may be a problem for another topic. Your instincts should always be paid attention to, but never the base of your decisions. Go over your current problem solving techniques and figure whether they're consistent in helping you achieve where you need to get to.

    Cost benefit analysis. If the decision is not costing or benefiting anyone, reevaluate it because every decision will affect you or someone else one way or another. Is it too expensive, what are your alternatives? The best thing to do is to weigh your options. What you decide on now may be a sacrifice, but view other options that are less sacrificial.

    We have to lead by example. Practice what you preach. Inform others of how you make decisions, assuming your decisions are accurate and positive. Give others an insight of how you would go about an issue, but also look for a method outside of your grounds. We can't solve others problems, often times because we have our own, but we can help others not overlook important pieces of data.

    Take your time with your decisions and don't wait for the last moment. Time is clarity.
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      Oct 4 2012: "Time is clarity". Welcome to TED saah!

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