Jack Ophof

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Can we devise a more efficient system for naming atomic & molecular bonds?

We have a brilliant system for naming molecules based on several criteria. This way we can recognise or identify a certain molecule. It sounds ridiculous to give every possible permutation a name, but that's exactly what's been done.

Based on a name you can deduce the total 3-dimensional shape. For example, if you were asked to draw 4-ethylcyclopentane and you would know the system for naming molecules, you could then precisely draw that molecule.

I won't go into details here but you can imagine you can end up with a ridiculous long name for a lot of molecules. Obviously we couldn't simply drop the naming all together and replace the names with actual schematics or pictograms of that molecule. That would seem very tedious and hairy to work with - they all look quite alike and would take up too much space on the back of a medicine bottle.

But, this is just a system, there is obviously more then one way of tackling this issue.