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Boil the oceans... Yeah... I said it.

In general I'm a huge fan of solar concentration, and desalination for the purposes of bringing drinking water and energy to third world countries, uninterested in green technology... like America.

In the back of my mind however, I've always had a weird idea, to solve global warming... actually two. The first... Boil the oceans... Hear me out.

Sea level is rising... because of climate change, whether this is man made or not, islands are sinking, and farmland is dying. I am not an expert in this field... though I don't know if anyone would really be qualified to comment... but, What if we just boiled the salt water, and created clouds?

Everywhere near the equator, fresnel lens could be made from recycled material, we could pump water away from sea life, preferably in an area which is already polluted... and we could make clouds, out of the ocean.

Certainly this comes with some questions. What percent of clouds are formed by ocean water? Will it provide safe drinking rain? If not however, I'm sure a filtration system could be designed. Don't just start pointing fire at the water... but... Would solar concentration, for the purpose of cloud seeding, stop global warming?

Key point here, is that clouds reflect sunlight back into the atmosphere btw. Which brings me to my second backwards idea... Flood the salt flats. There are numerous salt flats around the world that when flooded, give of the most beautiful mirror like shine... It's not just so you can check your make up, it reflects sunlight... very usefull. If we had solar concentrating desalination plants, we'd have enough water to waste some of it every year...

I am a novice, and an eccentric however, I may just be missing something obvious. Enlighten me.


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    Oct 5 2012: Isn't that what exactly the Sun has been doing for millenniums.

    Heating eats more energy than it spills out, That's why we are looking for natural sources to heat stuff so that we can just enjoy what it spits.

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