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In what practical ways can African states tackle the issue of poverty and unemployment amongst its young people?

Many African states list their young people as a vital resource base. But very disturbing is the fact that young people in Africa are left to rot due largely to almost zero opportunity and failing structures compounded by systemic corruption. Now, for African states a wasting generation of young people is a more threatening challenge than political instability.


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  • Oct 12 2012: One crude approach can be 1. Identify what Africa requires, 2. Identify what Africa can offer, 3. Try to match them such that, Africa can be self-sustaining - at different levels (village level to continent level), reduce dependency on other countries as minimal as possible for the essentials. This can be the core.
    Globalization and similar fancy stuff can be thought of much later. Also, this way, try to reduce dependency on governments (i know this is the toughest part, but this is where real innovation is required - especially when the governance does not help the people).

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