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In what practical ways can African states tackle the issue of poverty and unemployment amongst its young people?

Many African states list their young people as a vital resource base. But very disturbing is the fact that young people in Africa are left to rot due largely to almost zero opportunity and failing structures compounded by systemic corruption. Now, for African states a wasting generation of young people is a more threatening challenge than political instability.


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  • Oct 12 2012: Lead by example that breeding needs to stop- take care of yourself, first. 30,000 children die daily due to simple lack of clean water, a bowl of rice, simple preventive 3rd world country vaccinations. Stop preventable deaths from cholera, tb, malaria. Plain and simple, stop breeding is the first and only step available to the populace. The bankers own the world, ie,.,taking away their labor force is a sensible first step. The corruption will continue until we expose the truth about people like, GANDHI, SISTER TERESA, the ROYAL family, Rothschilds, carlyle group, convicts like larry silverslime, and his buddy rudy juliani, etc....... Expose the billderbergers, uni, and trilateral comm., cfr, thugs to the light of day.

    Slowly begin to reveal religions for what they are, control mechanisms of the ignorant! You are either a part of the solution or problem, yes you!

    Ban the insanity that continues through lack of education by exposing religions as simply a method to separate children.

    See Peace wall in N. Ireland if you don't believe this? Educate yourself! Put traditions aside. Understand why prescott bush was hitler's buddy! Why ike caused the death of 2 million germans. Learn why every election since Lincoln was rigged and by whom? good luck

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