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In what practical ways can African states tackle the issue of poverty and unemployment amongst its young people?

Many African states list their young people as a vital resource base. But very disturbing is the fact that young people in Africa are left to rot due largely to almost zero opportunity and failing structures compounded by systemic corruption. Now, for African states a wasting generation of young people is a more threatening challenge than political instability.


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    Oct 7 2012: Would sort out your political situations be too obvious or glib an answer? All the corrupt countries I've seen lack enough of a few basic things. Honesty in business and political life, lack of bribery of officials, generosity of rich to poor, compassion for those less well off, basic social services to support those less well off, basic sanitation and fresh water, recognition that we are all equally worthy of respect. These things don't cost money, they just cost a huge mind shift.

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