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In what practical ways can African states tackle the issue of poverty and unemployment amongst its young people?

Many African states list their young people as a vital resource base. But very disturbing is the fact that young people in Africa are left to rot due largely to almost zero opportunity and failing structures compounded by systemic corruption. Now, for African states a wasting generation of young people is a more threatening challenge than political instability.


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    Oct 6 2012: i think you can do something strange ,and always do good to your people .
    about the proverty and unemplayment i think you should do something to impact your leaders and also you should coroperate with some other countries .i know china have invested much in africa ,and i think noe it is the time to do something to improve you ecnomics and your rights ,i think you people should always keep working and do not ask too much but just do it .i think you will have a return .

    keep working hard is very important ,that is it .opertunituty is optunitity ,you should ask too much ,destiny will bless you .
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      Oct 6 2012: Chen,

      Many of these governments don't ever allow aid to reach the people. Do you think it may become necessary for other governments to intervene?
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        Oct 6 2012: i think so
        whlle i think we shouldnt use some ways which are too over reacted,like war ,and some other things which causes blood ,i think conoperate is a good way ,and also we can donate money .or just do as a worker for free.anything else without flood and wars

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