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How does one deal with a situation where you believe you can do something,but does not have the opportunity to try?

some of our have the ability t do things but creating and find opportunities is really hard in the countries where we are.we see young ones changing the world and making a difference which is some thing that i wish i could do one some where in this world.

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    Oct 2 2012: Don't try to change the world,just try to change yours.

    The grass is always greener on the other side but once you get there you will always meet someone vacating the place you've just arrived at to go to their pastures of better grasslands somewhere else.

    There is a short cut to getting a job,ask a prospective employer to take you on for no pay but ask that he/she teaches you everything there is to know about that business,it's not the money,it's the knowledge that makes the money and the ability to become self reliant.

    You know where you live,how the people and culture works.That's your current world,change it.
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      Oct 3 2012: Be true to your self.

      Many times it has to do with who they like,. be amiable like me.
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    Gail .

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    Oct 2 2012: You always have the tools that you need to accomplish something that interests you. But if you do not have faith in your ability to do so, all of the tools in the world will not give you what you seek.

    Look around you. What is needed? Find a way to fill that need without spending money. Start a movement or even a small organization. Inspire others to join you on a real and tangible task. In this way, you change the world in very meaningful ways and you make good friends (networks) along the way.
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    Oct 1 2012: Sometimes many of us are able and willing to do a job (the "supply") but there is not as much interest or need (the "demand") as there are people who can do that work at the wage that typically is paid..

    In this case, several strategies may help. One is you can try to be the very best person at that skill. That way, if an opening happens, you have a chance to be the best qualified applicant. It doesn't mean you will get the job, but it can increase your odds.

    Another possibility is that you can offer to do the task at a bargain price. For example, when people want a house painted, they ask several painters what they would charge and choose the best deal. Some people start out in a business by offering customers a good price at first and raise their price only after they have proved themselves.

    Sometimes, I know, this isn't a matter of a job but of a different sort of activity that interests you. Some people, for example, cannot get a job as a teacher but they can get a job as a tutor or volunteer as a tutor. That way they have the pleasure of doing something similar to what they would really like best to do and hopefully move in the direction of what they really want to do.

    What you can do depends on what prevents you from doing it now. If there is something that girls are not allowed to do where you live or that people your age are not allowed to do, my suggestions above won't help.

    You might want to be more specific about what the barrier is.