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why money money money ?money !why ?do we really need money ?

how many people are burdened of money . without money can't we live a life full of happiness you know money is not a natural thing ,
i find out that money is one of the most popular words that used on ted..compared to money .i am more about to talk about the nature or enery


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  • Oct 4 2012: Chen,

    Do you really want to know the answer?
    send me your money I will tell you all you need to know about money!

    we don't need money, we want money!

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      Oct 4 2012: @Edwin Nazarian. Cute, but your response doesn't contribute much to the understanding of what money is and where it come from.
      • Oct 4 2012: Jeff,

        Oh, are you the one of these who believes that in 21st century we can live without money?

        If you are, then send me your money and I will tell you all about money you need to know.

        and as I read the question correctly it asks why we really need money.
        and that's why my response is this; (again, I repeat) we don't need money, we want money.

        there is a debate going on: MONEY or LIFE - I commented there too, a few weeks ago there was a question about money I gave a whole description of money. (you may found it on my profile, in Comments List)

        What is money? - for me it is a tool
        where it comes from? - here we need to talk about the History of Money (and not why do we need money)

        by now, I know you know that it is not strange to think that we can't buy bread without money, is it?
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          Oct 4 2012: @Edwin Nazarian, I am not "one of these" anything, and don't find it helpful to put labels on people wishing to engage in serious (and, sometimes, not so serious) discussion. Currently, I don't believe we, as a society and culture, can live without money. I SERIOUSLY believe that money is poorly understood by the vast majority of folk in our society, and that there needs to be significant monetary reform. We are living with a system that is more than 500 years old, and it no longer serves the needs of humanity in general.
          From your comments on this thread, there's not much depth to your views: "we don't need money, we want money." Need:want. For me, it doesn't contribute much to the conversation. I will look for your description of money in the other comments you posted. I would like to know what you think, and understand continuous repetition can be tedious.
          If someone took you up on your rhetorical proposition, to wit, "Send me your money and I will tell you all about money you need to know." What does that even mean?
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          Oct 4 2012: @Edwin Nazarian, I looked at your comments re: money on the other thread you mentioned, and browsed your profile. We probably share more than is apparent in these exchanges. RE: money as a tool, I see how it can be seen that way, since, like a tool, it can be used to accomplish something, or rather to get someone else to accomplish something by paying them to do that something. More precisely, that describes a FUNCTION of money as opposed to a description of what money is. On a more fundamental level, I've come to the conclusion (for now) that money used to be a commodity, and has "evolved" into an information system. Since I, like you, find repeating myself somewhat tedious, I would direct you to my other comments in this thread, if you are interested in my thoughts on the subject.

          PS - another thing we share...I was certified in NLP 30 some years ago, but haven't practiced the craft since then.
      • Oct 5 2012: Sir,

        Thanks for your comment I do value it very highly.
        I admit that I have been less serious in my comment. but even in that way I have given some thoughts away. and I now believe that you have seen the point.

        Some of us goes to work for money.
        some of us lives for making money.
        some of us doesn't care so much.
        some of us worries about money.
        some of us thinks about money.

        in the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you have but what you do with what you have.
        there is nothing wrong about it when one does what one loves, and yet that makes him money- Ex: Bill Gates, Stieve Jobs (RIP), Richard Branson, These people are driven not only making money, but making difference in other live, and their actions make them money.

        on the other hand, M. Gandhi, was a successful lawyer in South Africa, and he too could get rich, make more money, etc: but he gave his wealth away to free himself from material slavery.
        I believe you read Tao te Ching - there is less about money.

        to me talking about money is as endless as talking about religions and politics, because as we all are uniquely different we all have different ideas of money and its use.
        Which idea is right or wrong, who is right or wrong? my answer is this, NOBODY and EVERYBODY

        now, Do I need money? - YES, why? to buy food (because I am enslaved by my needs)
        Do I want money? - YES, why? to help other to meet their needs - financially - (like Bill Gates does)

        My need for money is different compared to my want - I am just one single person I have different ideas of Money and its use, imagine there are 7 Billion x 2 (wants and needs) ideas out there.

        it is too late to intent to go back and live without money - it s not for us. (it is as asking my teenager students to go back and live without smartphones - it means no life for them)

        as the saying goes on: NO MONEY NO HONEY!
        today's marriage is all about economy as well: "You don't have money? you are not my Honey"

        Welcome to 21st century!
    • Oct 4 2012: Hi Edwin
      Umm, we not only want money, but we need it—inevitably, and sometimes desperately.
      Without it, we can't eat.
      We can't settle down.
      We can't buy necessities.
      Simply put, we can’t live without money.
      Besides, unfortunately, people around you look down on you if you don’t have money.
      That's the reality.
      But as you say, we want money because we’re not satisfied with our lives with lack of property. We crazily want more money and we become greedy as if we’re slaves of it. We surely need to find a way to live happily and meaningfully without a lot of fortune, but at least we need to have enough money to survive.

      Chen, you say,
      “do we really money?”
      Apparently yes. Why do you ask?
      “why money money money ?”
      Yes, you perfectly made your point. I totally agree with you in that part.
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      Oct 5 2012: hi Edvin ,Elizabeth and Jeff
      first Edvin you ask me to send my money to you,i think i will let you down .my piont is we need money and also we should have more money ,but it doesn't mean that we can purchase monwy regardless of friend ship ,love and our personality dignity ,even our future and our life ,money is not the first thing we should purshase ,expect that we also have our dream our mental health .

      yes i think that i agree with jeff we should have much depth views about money .i think there needs to be significant monetary reform.right .under this system money is too hot ,and much of our humans passion has been attracted by money.it leads to many social problems . maybe in the future we can put more our atteneion to the family and combution of our spirite

      and hi again Elizabeth .i think what you said is right .we need to settle down we need to buy houses we need to spend on necessities . also i think we can get much satistifatury when we buy many many things . while what i want to point out is that we cant just live for money , and we can not live for others many people may look down on me if i dont have many money .yeah but money is not the only thing that can let others admire you ,you reputation ,your characristic your dream ,many many can also conquer others .what i really mean is that we should lower the enthic of money

      and you ask me to whom my question .actually i just see too many wards about money just as i said above ,so i give the question .i think we really need a deeper thought of money.

      i think i love my dream more than my money.
      • Oct 5 2012: Chen

        I appreciate your thoughts and comment,

        I would like to watch these two TEDx Talks:


        they don't talk about money, but about our needs and wants and live in General.

        surely living in this industrialised world we can't live without money,
        now there are laws, : We can't hunt freely (as it was done 100s of years ago)
        now there is more cities then villages with farmers - so the Agricultural land is reduced, so we don't have enough space for our own vegs and fruits, we must buy it.

        you know, these would happen, and this is what called Evolution, (I believe so)

        Money has a long history, it have been used and seen as a unite of exchange... throughout of history it got deeper and deeper in our mind. it some how managed to be inseparable part of our daily live (now we never go out without money)

        When I was a student, I had a tile hanging on my wall, with a writing on it, (it was in Dutch) it read something like this; THERE ARE MANY WHO HAS GOT A LOT, BUT NO ONE HAS GOT IT ENOUGH.

        You can find the History of Money in wikipedia, if you want to know.

        I have spent a lot of time with people who talked about nothing but MONEY, and I spent times with people who had got nothing and didn't even want to talk about money.

        In Southern Spain there is small hippy community, it exists almost over 20 years, people come and go. I went there to see these people, I was amazed how they lived among a capitalised society.
        it was like a middle age village, (one like you have seen in Robin Hood film) they were from every where, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia (you name) - they were living on basic needs - Water, Food, Shelter - women were even giving birth there in that conditions.

        MONEY? what money? who cares?! no Materialism, no Capitalism, Love and Peace!
        check the name in google: BENEFICIO
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          Oct 5 2012: i can see the change of your thought ,and also i think you have had a deeper thought of money .
          in my thought there is a idea that what is happiness it is a process of purchase something .i think when i have plenty of money ,i wont think that money is that important
          just as if i am short i want to grow much taller ,when i have an apple i mayjust want a pear.you know our desire is endless just as you said THERE ARE MANY WHO HAS GOT A LOT, BUT NO ONE HAS GOT IT ENOUGH.so is the money .

          so just put the money as anything else ,you wont think money is strange .they are the same .
        • Oct 5 2012: Hola, Ed
          Tienes razón. El tiempo es oro.
          Again, it seems to me that people with a huge fortune can have much more opportunities to enjoy their leisure time than others. (That doesn't mean the poor can't enjoy their time) "Life sometimes can be too serious, we better take it a bit less serious, have more fun, and success and money will come."
          Yes, we should have more fun, indeed! But what’s the point in telling the poor to enjoy their time and have some fun if they aren’t able to afford it? I’m not saying that we always need to be serious. That’s too boring and not awesome.
          If we donate our money to help people, it means we give them at least a hope. Time is money, but time can’t give them food or habitats unless they have real money. While being idealistic, I also try to be realistic not to ignore the reality I face every day. I don’t want to be just an onlooker.
          Anyway, disfrutar de su fin de semana!
      • Oct 5 2012: ".i think we really need a deeper thought of money.

        i think i love my dream more than my money. "

        :) There you go, Chen.
        I love your attitude, thanks for your reply.
        • Oct 5 2012: Elisabeth,

          Life sometimes can be too serious, we better take it a bit less serious, have more fun, and success and money will come.

          it is said: Time is Money! (I believe many will agree as it is an old saying)

          but it was uncompleted: "Time is more valuable than Money, you have make a lot of money, but you will never be able to make a lot of time"

          it is to say: you can get more money, but you will never get more time!

          so enjoy your TIME and your weekend!

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          Oct 6 2012: hello ELIZABETH AND EDWIN

          Life sometimes can be too serious, we better take it a bit less serious, have more fun, and success and money will come.I appreciate it

          i do think that we have a destiny. we can not control what will happen next.so live a current life .we should not think too much about money . if the destiny fall down on us .we will have a exceptal suprise .that is great .if not well.we can just do live as what life it is . i dont think there is a big difference b etween poor and the rich .they all live a life .they can all have many friends,they can all have love have happiness .

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