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why money money money ?money !why ?do we really need money ?

how many people are burdened of money . without money can't we live a life full of happiness you know money is not a natural thing ,
i find out that money is one of the most popular words that used on ted..compared to money .i am more about to talk about the nature or enery


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    Oct 3 2012: @Edward Long (continued)
    Even if your bank account reads zero, and you have no money in your pocket, you can still buy your eggs with a credit card. You would be sending information that your negative balance would be offset in the future by your labor or a product you would sell.
    Some misguided folk see this change to an information system as a problem, and consequently want to go backward to a gold standard. This would be disastrous. One of the beauties of money as an information system is it gives anyone who contributes productively to the economy an equal claim on that productivity. A gold standard (or any standard that sets money as a commodity), encourages hoarding of gold (or other commodity): cornering the market.
    In summary, I believe it's important to perceive money as an information system, and not as a commodity. The information it contains is each person's claim on overall productivity.

    Enjoying the conversation. Thanks.

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