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why money money money ?money !why ?do we really need money ?

how many people are burdened of money . without money can't we live a life full of happiness you know money is not a natural thing ,
i find out that money is one of the most popular words that used on ted..compared to money .i am more about to talk about the nature or enery


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    Oct 2 2012: Thanks for all the good comments. I just came across this thread, and it's a topic that interests me greatly.
    It's important to know what money is. Not what it does, viz serves as a medium of exchange, but what it really is in a more fundamental way.
    Historically, money has been a commodity, representing the material world. It was conceived and defined by the natural consequence of physical scarcity. That is what gave (and mostly still does) give money its value - its scarcity.
    What our culture needs to understand is that this neo-Malthusian idea of scarcity no longer serves human needs. We (humankind) are at a transitional point equivalent to the understanding that the world is not really flat.
    Money has "evolved" from a commodity to an information system. Information, unlike physical goods, is not limited by scarcity. In fact, it is the turning point from a culture of scarcity to a culture of abundance. Making that logical leap is one of the biggest challenges we face as a species.
    So, what information does money convey? It conveys an entities' (individual, group, organization, business, etc.) claim on human productivity.
    Think about it. Humans used to use beads, shells, coins, paper money as mediums of exchange. This has evolved into credit/debit cards, and now we don't even need those (physically). Just type some numbers into your computer, and the exchange is made. Information. Claiming we (the US, or any entity) doesn't have enough money is equivalent to saying there's not enough zeros to put into a computer.
    Step one: changing our understanding that money is no longer a commodity, but information.
    Step two: what do you think?
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      Oct 2 2012: thank you very much for your reply and can share the same topic..
      why do we people do not like money because i think it is not s necessity ...without money we can also live a peace and natural life .
      while on the cantry money brought us hurt . i dont like the thing medium .because it is not a real ting ,i think it is a waste of resouce . rootly we do not need these things .it leads us out of the way of its natural .can you find another thing like money . and have the same founction and the same properties
      no .it leads us to the dark
      and another point wont you think that it complicate our life .since the money born we do too much useless things .and we waste too much things maybe at the begining it is a error .believe me without money we can live a much better life .money itself is a wrong thing
      it is the money that mess our life ! forture it is the commercial that mess our life
      what do you think of
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      Oct 3 2012: How does information get me a dozen eggs from the market?
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        Oct 3 2012: @Edward Long... Go to the store, pick up some eggs (might as well get a 6-pack while you're there), take your items to the cashier or self-check out, run your credit/debit card through the pos terminal, and the eggs, beer, etc are yours.
        You just sent INFORMATION through a network - NO gold, NO beads or shells, NOT EVEN PAPER REQUIRED! The information you sent was an adjustment in the debt that someone owes to the banks. ALL MONEY EXISTS ONLY AS DEBT. That's the current situation, and has been since the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. The only way money is created is if someone agrees to repay that money, WITH INTEREST. When that happens, the Banksters create the money, OUT OF THIN AIR, by making an accounting entry. The interest due IS NOT CREATED, just the money owed.
        The reform that needs to happen would take the Banksters out of the loop by having the US create money, as the Constitution provides for and as Lincoln did when he issued Greenbacks instead of borrowing money from NY bankers, who wanted 26%-33% interest. This money would or could be spent into the economy, no interest involved. Our national debt would go away, and the information exchanged would reflect your claim on productivity instead of a payment on someone's debt.
        We, as a culture, generally have no clue about how money is created and controlled, and the Banksters like it that way. It allows them to "steal" the productivity of others by manipulating the information. If you haven't already, see the movie Margin Call.
        Let's continue the conversation.

        PS - check those eggs before you exchange information to get them.
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          Oct 3 2012: I am not the brightest participant in a conversation about economics so forgive my oversimplification. If I don't get my paycheck from my employer and deposit it into my bank account the scanner at the egg store will not approve my purchase. I really don't see how the money I earned by my labor can be considered "information". Potential tangibility is needed in the equation. I can make what you call "information" (which is non-material, intangible) into something tangible by withdrawing Federal Reserve Notes from my bank account. Those notes, aka cash, are legal tender. If my bank balance is zero and my pockets are empty all the information in the world won't get me my eggs from the market. Where am I missing your logic?

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